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Zend Framework
Zend Framework

Zend is very simple framework, very straight forward and open source framework for PHP, this is designed to eliminate the hard details of coding and it let developer to focus on its programming, it true strength lies in its modular design that makes the code reusable and easy to maintain. This is an open source framework for PHP; this provides a very advance model of MVC that is used to implement the basic structure of send framework application.

Benefits of Symfony2

Zend framework is completely object oriented, it uses most prominent characters of the OOPS like inheritance and interface, send frame work is a simple collection of lot of classes, in this developer can take advantage of component as the individual libraries, instead of framework, zend frameworks have lot of components, for every other functionality it has an individual component. There is countinus support from the large community of Zend framework.

Version worked on
  • 2.1.4
  • 1.12.3
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