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Ruby on Rails Framework

RUBY is objected oriented programming language which is declared most dynamic, very reflective language. It originated in JAPN and was developed by Yukihiro, RUBY is future of programming, its syntax makes it very portable and effective to use by the programmer, its capability to become the language of the next generation making it more and more popular.


RAILS is a web framework is built on RUBY, that’s why this named RUBY on RAILS, this helps programmer to create the very advance dynamic and database depended websites, scaffolding and code generation is used in RAILS which means the very little code will work with lot of features.

Version worked on
  • 4.0
  • 3.2.13
  • 3.2.13 rc2
  • 3.2.13 rc1
  • 3.2.12
  • 3.2.11
  • 3.2.10
  • 3.2.9
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