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Kendo Ui

Kendo UI is JavaScript/HTML5 framework, its helps developer to work and develop the web application instead of focusing on developing a framework. Kendo UI is available with CSS which is defined for behaviour and styling. Kendo UI is a stack of three different products like Kendo UI Web, Kendo UI DataViz and Kendo UI mobile.

Benefits of Kendo

Kendo UI was developed by Telerik with an aim to provide one stop solution for development of modern application for client side. This is what we need to develop modern standard web application with increased efficiency of developer and reducing the wastage of time during development. Kendo UI is a high standard modular kind of framework.

Version worked on
  • 2013.3.1119
  • 2013.3.1030
  • 2013.2.918
  • 2013.2.716
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