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CakePhp Framework
CakePHP 2.X

CAKE PHP is a open-source, free and very fast development frame work for PHP, its provides a foundation for the developer to create and develop the web application, it helps developer to work in structural manner without losing much time an flexibility, it provide all the necessary tools for the fastest and rapid development of the web applications.

Benefits of CakePHP 2.X

As CAKE PHP is a open source it has a very large active and friendly community, which supports in complex development, its compatibility with 4th and 5th version of PHP makes is very widely acceptable, supports MVC architecture, it has build in validation, flexible ACL, very flexible caching, can work from any directory on the website & very fast and flexible templating with these there is long list of why we should use CAKE PHP.

Version worked on
  • 1.X
  • 2.X
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