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Architecture and Technology Strategy

Soarlogic's architecture services help organizations to attain high performance, secure, and reliable solution and also helps in leveraging their existing technology investments in legacy systems. Soarlogic solutions leverages its technology know how to analyze companies' existing applications and business processes in order to determine the best approach for introducing or evolving Services Oriented Architectures (SOA) to provide adaptive architectures aligned with key business drivers. Our services include the following:

Soarlogic's technology strategy services create plan built on clear, practical, and actionable steps. Technology strategies are developed in alignment with business goals based on technological trends and industry best practices. We identify strategic technical initiatives needed and create a transition plan to implement them, in a manner that manages their risk and magnifies their value.

Our services include the following
  • Architecture Assessment Requirement definition
  • Impact Analysis
  • Technology Portfolio Rationalization and Optimization
  • Architecture Development
  • Strategic Business Vision
  • Technology Strategy Definition and Alignment
  • Architecture Framework Definition/Blueprints
  • Architecture Governance and Maintenance
  • Project Governance
  • Design Alignment
  • Architecture Review
  • Mentorship
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