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The Soarlogic Process
Soarlogic consider the process as a very important aspect of development to follow during the development life cycle of the project, efficient staff takes well care of the every step of the process which is being followed by the company, and Soarlogic consider the following points very important to while developing the project:
  • Timely delivery of project with complete perfection.
  • Most efficient and innovative execution of process.
  • Follows International Quality Management System very closely.
  • Improvement in process is process followed in Soarlogic. (Can be eliminated)
  • Vastly experienced in every kind of software development development cycle.
  • A team dedicated to assure quality in process and product.
Approach path
Focuses and believes in process of perfection in all projects, as this creates the base for bug free project and delivery of quality project to client, process enables Soarlogic to craft the thought of client on practical canvas. Soarlogic approach is to keep on escalating the quality in development and delivery process, to make timely delivery of highly capable projects. This is a process and the requirement of cruising towards the client satisfaction every time and all the times. Follows quality management systems which are applicable on the projects of most of the domain, enables Soarlogic to improve the quality of development process, as our experienced staff have integrated the process and quality management so finely that both the aspect of successful project doesn’t let any point get lost or left during the strict development process.
The gem creation process
Let's Talk

Initial conversation to get the idea of client’s prospect and its requirement, to have idea about the development phases required in project

Detailed Meeting

Following by a detailed meeting with the expertise person to refine the client’s thoughts, and to make him understand the process which we are going to follow.

Research and Planning

After this outline is created, millstones are defined to keep things progressing, with setting up the priorities, with this strategy clients vision start getting shape, a full proof plan keeps the work going on without any hassle.


The most important component of any project, as this clearly reflects the thought behind the project and where the visionary want to grow the project in future.


It is the start of journey, as this keeps this in streamlined during the development process of project. It makes easier to understand and to explain the process path to the people engaged in process of development.

Innovation and Design

This is the phase where thought are put against the limitation of technologies and developer have look for ways the justify with the thoughts and planning done for the process development.


Here things start getting shape, and step by step completion of process start giving a look of something which has been discussed and in the mind of client and developer.


Dedicated team quality assurance take the strength test of project developed, they follow all the prescribed process to take out any malfunctioning step from project for its smooth functioning.

Trouble Shooting

Now again things comes under the scan, whatever have been found alien in project is now have to be take care by the team, they take every step to shape the project as stated in initial phase.

Execution and Delivery

Now this is the time of earn the satisfaction of client, it is made sure that project is successfully executed and if there are any shortcomings in the project, appropriate steps are taken to resolve the issues.

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