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Maintenance and Support

Soarlogic maintenance services provide ongoing support that stabilizes, optimizes, and extends applications. Services include the following:

Production Monitoring ensure complex applications are functioning as expected.

Level 2 (Break fix) to address problems where corrections can be made without modifying source code.

Level 3 (Bug fix) to address problems where corrections require code modifications.

Upgrades in the form of software development component version updates and associated refactoring.


Maintenance and support services are based on ITIL best practices and can be billed on an hourly basis or run as a Managed Service where the customer pays an agreed upon price for clearly defined results. Under the managed service model a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is used to define desired results and acts as the focal point for both the client and Soarlogic Solutions in managing the engagement. Metrics are measured and reported on monthly in this arrangement. Common metrics used are as follows:

  • Average defect resolution time
  • Maximum defect resolution time
  • Number of times escalation was required beyond support team
  • Number of open defect at beginning of the reporting period
  • Number of open defect at end of the reporting period
  • Hours devoted to discretionary enhancements
  • Issues identified in QA related to changes/enhancements implemented SLAs and their resultant pricing can be built to accommodate additions and deletions as business changes, thus enabling the SLA to flex with the business needs of the client.
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